Past teaching sessions and blog posts

Here is a link to the powerpoint of the talk we gave at the regional teaching day at St Vincent's Hospital on 14th Dec 2011.

After the jump is some stuff that I wanted to get across in the Thoracic Trauma section but which I don't think the slides tell you. All the rest of the slides are pretty good for getting the main messages across. At the end of the page are some other useful links. If you have any please send them to us and we'll add them on.

Vital signs are vital, and respiratory rate more than any other.  Abnormal vital signs and particularly RESPIRATORY RATE predict who is going to have an arrest! Link to MJA article.

O2 Saturation is not a replacement for respiratory rate! Learn to count the respiratory rate properly and when someone presents a case to you make sure they give you a respiratory rate.

And while we are on the topic, this article in The Lancet provides quality data on the normal ranges of vital signs in chldren of different ages and calls into question the established numbers taught in APLS. It is taken from a metanalysis of a large amount observational data of normal children of different ages. Click here for the centile charts generated from that review.

Ottawa Ankle Rule Card

Ottawa Knee Rule Card

Ottawa Ankle Rules original article 1993

Both rules have been validated to death and are essentially 100% sensitive.

This is Mark's take on the literature around stroke thrombolysis. When reading this review it is worth keeping in mind that there are other views out there and that, ultimately, following your hospital protocols and policies is essential for the individual practitioner. That said, robust academic discussion is essential to keep up and in the interests of this, read on...

This article (NEJM- read full text for free from within Victorian public hospitals via clinicians health channel) is a major paper in critical care medicine in the last 12 months. thanks to everyone who took part in our journal club look at it. What do we conclude? Why should it not change our managment? Why can we not write it off altogether? All this after the jump...