Past teaching sessions and blog posts

The gist this week was to get an approach to epistaxis and to think about some nasty ENT infections that we see a bit less than tonsillitis and croup. 

The talk is here.

click read more for a some details (as the ppt isn't much without me talking)

A/Prof Beth Pennington was back to teach on Paediatric Burns. Her talk is attached here.


A session on paediatric Meningitis with Ben. Presentation here

Two studies which helped establish dexamethasone therapy in adults (and help sway the paediatric community?)

Vietnamese study

Dutch Study

2010 Cochrane Review

Dr Hamed Akhlaghi presented on metabolic acidosis and blood gases. When I get hold of his talk I will put it on. 

Thanks to Dr Peter Fritz for his VAQ aids for the fellowship exam - a great list of key points.

Metabolic Acidosis

Metabolic Alkalosis

Here is Mark's summary of blood gas interpretation.


Gold from Prof Helen Dewey’s TIA and Posterior thecirculation talk at ED teaching February 23rd.  Look at her talk here

Thanks to Amanda for the YouTube link for the abnormal head impulse test (the guy in the video has a peripheral vestibular problem).  People with cerebellar problems have a normal test. Scott Weingart of EMCrit fame as an iphone approach.

Summary of the session after the jump...