ACEM website- useful links

The ACEM homepage


Looking for the example exam questions?

This page has details about the exam but you need to go to the "2015 Onwards" tab and scroll down.

Look at the "Resources" tab for a the regulations, examiners reports, recommended texts, useful websites and so on.

Below are links to some of the individual resources on this page.


The Rules and Regulations

All the ACEM rules and regs are here (look at the "regulations" tab). Be sure to read them if you are a trainee. The College is not interested in hearing after you have screwed something up that you didn't know the rules. 

ACEM "Best of Web" resources page

This page has links to a plethora of web educational resources, reviewed by ACEM members. It is a little unsorted as far as I can tell but there is a lot there. 

Before you apply for a job or take on a research project...

The training resources page has critical information about trainee research projects as well as the current list of accredited jobs across Oz and NZ (ED and Special Skills). Don't take a job until you have checked its accreditation.

Advanced Training beyond 2015

Here is a table of the advanced training setup from next year.

Here is the curriculum framework document that describes the standard expected at various levels of training

The Member Portal

This area has stuff about you. For FACEMs it is where you put in your CPD (MOPS) points and where you find the outstanding ITAs and structured references and so on that you need to complete.