Intern and HMO Teaching

In addition to on the floor teaching and clinical experience, the following formal teaching program occurs within the department.

HMO and intern teaching is on Wednesdays at 4:30pm and both HMOs and interns expected to attend when rostered on the floor. You are also welcome to attend on days off, this is obviously not compulsory. Currently teaching is encouraged via Zoom rather than in person. Details for access will be provided by email.

Dr Vanessa Roberts is currently coordinating these sessions, if you have topics you would like to see covered please let her know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Interns should also attend the hospital intern teaching (Tuesday 12:30) even when rostered on the floor.

Any questions, concerns, feedback, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Teaching Schedule (Wednesdays at 1630 in the ED tutorial room)

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 Date        Topic                   Presenter    Resources
 12th Feb

 Chest pain in the ED Part 1

 Chest pain in the ED Part 2

 19th Feb  Abdominal Pain  Maddie  Radiopaedia- How to Read A CTAP
 26th Feb  Basic Fractures  Charlotte  
 4th March  Aproach to Trauma              Adele                                                             
 11th March  Limping Child         Ian   RCH Guideline: Limping Child
 18th March  Sepsis  Subhash  
 25th March  No teaching  N/A  
1st April  O&G in the ED  Maddie 

 Safer Care Vic Maternity eHandbook

 RWH Clinical Practice Guidelines

8th April

 Blood Gases Part 1

 Blood Gases Part 2

 Maddie  Geeky Medics Quiz
15th April  ECG part 1  Maddie  Life in the Fast Lane
22nd April  ECG part 2  Maddie  
29th April  Acute Red Eye part 1  Maddie

 NSW Emergency Eye Manual

6th May  Acute Red Eye part 2  Maddie

 RCH Eye Injuries Guideline

 Life in the Fast Lane Cases

13th May  ED Case Series  Maddie  See attached doc for resources
20th May  Abdo Pain  Maddie  
27th May  Grand ED Quiz  Maddie  

3rd June

 Chest Pain  Maddie  
10th June  Toxicology Basics  Johno  TOXINZ Resource
17th June  Paeds Common Conditions  Sarah  
24th June  O&G in the ED  Maddie  
12th August Approach to Rashes   Jacqui  
19th August  Epistaxis  Vanessa  Epistaxis Approach
26th August  Blood Gases  Adele


 Geeky Medics Guide to ABG Interpretation

2nd September  ENT   Niel  ENT House Officer
9th September  Imaging Interpretation  Evan

 Approach to CXR interpretation

 Imaging for Renal Colic

16th September  Approach to the poisoned pt  Ken  Austin Tox Clinical Guidelines
23rd September  Syncope & Seizures  Dean

 RCT - Mx in Status Epilepticus

 Clinically differentiating seizures from syncope

30th September  Fractures  Charlotte  Approach to describing fractures
7th October  Strokes  Vanessa  
14th October  ECGs  Johno  LITFL ECG Interpretation Video Series
21st October  Electrolyte Imbalances  Subhash   Deranged Physiology - Fluid & Electrolytes 
28th October   Vertigo  Charlotte  
4th November   Local anaesthetics & regional blocks  Mahima   Ultrasound-guided FIB
11th November   ePR Training  Jenn Wells  
18th November    ePR Training  Jenn Wells   
25th November      
2nd December      
9th December      
16th December