ED Central OSCEs

 Note to trainees: This page is really intended more for your DEMT's or whoever is running your fellowship education. There is little to be gained by you reading these OSCEs, You will do much better trying to convince someone else to run them for you so you can approach them freshly as you will approach those in the exam. 

Note to DEMTs: The resus and leadership category is becoming a bit of a dumping spot for anything that is predominantly about leadership and professionalism as well as stuff that is mostly about resus skills and techniques and anything that is a mix of the two. As such it is a bit of a weird category. Sorry.


 Administration Haematology/Oncology  Renal
Airway  Infectious Diseases  Respiratory
Anaesthetics Metabolic Electrolytes  Resuscitation and leadership
Burns Neurological Rheumatology
Cardiovascular Neurosurgical  Surgical
Dental  Obstetrics and Gynaceology   Toxicology
Dermatology Orthopaedics  Trauma
Disaster  Paediatrics  
 ENT/Eyes Prehospital/Retrieval Ventilation
 Endocrine Procedure  
Environmental  Psychiatry  
Gastrointestinal Radiology