Transport of critical care patients

Transport of critical care patients whether it be to CT, ICU, the Airport  (for handover to air transport) or to Melbourne (by road) represent a high risk of deterioration. Critcal care patients usually deteriorate in some way during transport and this should be anticipated.

There should be appropriate monitoring, staff, equipment, drugs prepared, lines secured and the patient stabilised before transport.  

The Colleges for Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, and Anaesthetics have a joint positon on transport of critical care patients.  This can be found here.

Adult Retrieval Victoria have a more comprehensive resource regarding patient retrieval that can be found here. (Click on the "reference manual".

In Bendigo, you can find the following equipment packs in the drug room to aid in your equipment and drug preparation. Remember any drugs you might anticipate needing should be pre-prepared and drawn up before you go.

Please remember to take the AED with you on each transport, also found in the medication room.

Ensure you are familiar with the contents of each bag.