Intern Orientation - Plaster

Things Interns should learn in the plaster skills station

Anatomy of plaster room (aka Jasons Office)

- do NOT use tubigrip under plasters!

- Plaster sink, tools, saws, plaster sizes, stockinette, velband, bandages, slings, collar and cuff material.

Principles of splinting bones ie immobilising the joint above and below.

Sandwich backslab for short term splinitng prior to theatre - Explain and watch Jason/Plaster Rep perform this.

- Make sure the slab continues above the knee for fracture/dislocation of ankles

More stable backslab to go home with

How to put on a full POP - Demonstrate and then supervise a below elbow POP

Plaster care instructions/Patient Education

Fracture Clinic - Refer on discharge letter and fill out xray slip to go in discharge letter tray in fishbowl.