Intern Orientation - EYES

Things that interns should learn in the Eye procedure station

A guide for staff teaching sessions.

Slit Lamp

- Anatomy of slit lamp for positioning patient including mark for eyes at correct height

- Anatomy of slit lamp light source

- Anatomy of slit lamp viewing and how to focus/move

- Watch a consultant registrar examin an eye including everting lids

- Perform eye examination with slit lamp including everting lids.

Eye drops

What they do, where they are stored, when and how to give them.

- Fluoroscein

- Amethocaine

- Tropicamide

- Chloramphenicol

Common causes of red eye

- Conjunctivitis - viral, allergic, bacterial, chemical and associated treatments

- Keratitis - Causes and significance and how it is diagnosed and management of HSV, VZV,

- Foregn Body - Removal

- Corneal abrasions

-Flash burns

Referal patterns

Bendigo Eye Clinic and Eye and Ear Hospital.