EDCentral has grown and grown over the past few years and so has the level of academic engagement at Bendigo ED. Meanwhile, in the online world, the FOAM community (Free Open Access Meducation in case you missed it) has grown massively too. 

We've decided to extend the reach of EDCentral into the FOAM world with the launch of edcentral.net/ 

This will be the new blog page of EDCentral. What started as a post we could put up the powerpoint slides of the week's teaching for people who missed the session has morphed over time and is gradually becoming more of a medical education blog. If we can keep up the momentum the new blog will be one more voice in the FOAM community. 

A new and exciting innovation will be the abilty to comment on the posts. Please be mindful that your comments can be read by the ENTIRE world. If you wouldn't say it in a lift (or a supermarket queue) don't put it on a comment. But please do comment on the posts. It will be the engagement from you guys that will really make it worthwhile. 

Keep an eye out on edcentral.net for some new posts coming soon.