stroke lysis grand round slides

Earlier this year Ben McKenzie gave the Bendigo Health Grand Round on thrombolysis in stroke and it was a doozy. Here is his slideset from the talk. Or most of it. This is a pretty impassioning topic and there were a few slides that some people on the pro-tPA side of the debate were bothered enough by to ask him not to post which I find fascinating having been at the talk and seen the full slideset. That possibly says as much about the topic as the missing slides themselves.

Meanwhile, in exciting news from ACEP2013, membership voted 3:1 in favour of changing the position statement on tPA in stroke. There is no doubt that the current ACEP position statement has made it very hard for people who are bothered by the poor evidence for tPA in stroke to speak out without sounding like outliers or luddites.  

Here are links to the original articles related to the presentation:  IST 3, NINDS, Truth about the NINDS study: setting the record straight, A graphical reannalysis of the NINDS trial, ECASS III is just a New Spin On a Bad IdeaBelieving is seeing: Stroke thrombolysis remains unproven after IST 3, How is more negative evidence being used to support claims of benefit: The curious case of IST 3.