The PROMETHEUS project is running at Bendigo Health. It is looking at ways to improve and streamline the process of caring for heart failure patients.

It is early days yet but it is possible that it will include things like:

  • Early access to cardiology outpatients review,
  • Better information sharing about what is already being done for someone and what is in the pipeline,
  • Better use of HITH, HARP and community nursing to support heart failure patients to stay out of hospital, 
  • Use of patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) which means things that actually matter to the patient, both as data for the QI project and also to inform clinical care (think a much richer and patient centred version of the diabetic BSL record)
  • Pathways and care plans and guidelines and clearer criteria for dicharge/HITH/AMU/Cardiol/CCU admission


If you have a bright idea about how we might streamline the care of heart failure patients in ED let me know. 

Mark Putland